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Case of Kate Cox has special implications in Indiana due to Todd Rokita’s political pandering

December 11, 2023

INDIANAPOLIS—As of midday Monday, the Texas Supreme Court remains inexplicably silent after its late- Friday ruling that delayed life-saving abortion care for a woman in desperate need. This deafening silence

amplifies the fear and uncertainty felt by women across the country, particularly those in red states like Indiana, where fundamental rights continue to be under attack.

The case of Kate Cox, a Dallas-area woman carrying a fetus with a fatal condition, has become a stark symbol of the devastating consequences of Texas's extreme abortion ban. While a lower court granted Cox the right to lifesaving care, the Texas Supreme Court's stay has effectively condemned her to endure a dangerous pregnancy and potentially lose her life.

"Women in red states are watching Texas in horror as our fundamental rights are stripped away,” stated Destiny Wells, candidate for Indiana Attorney General. “We see our reproductive rights hanging precariously in

the balance and Hoosier women are especially terrified of what the future holds given our Attorney General, Todd Rokita, has repeatedly expressed his unwavering support for the Texas anti-abortion law, calling it a ‘pro-

life win;’ and vowing to uphold similar restrictions in Indiana.”

willingness to sacrifice women's health and autonomy for political delusions and daydreams of serving in a second Donald Trump administration.

"This case underscores the crucial importance of the upcoming 2024 election,” concluded Wells. “We must elect pro-choice candidates who will protect Hoosiers’ remaining right to determine their own healthcare.”


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