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  • Destiny Wells


May 31, 2024

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today Destiny Wells, Democratic candidate for Indiana Attorney General, responded to Attorney General Todd Rokita’s recent press release threatening legal action against Indiana cities and counties that maintain policies he deems “sanctuary” for immigrants. Wells, currently in our nation’s capital engaging in discussions on immigration as a national security imperative, reaffirmed her commitment to uphold the rule of law while respecting the autonomy of local communities:

“Attorney General Rokita’s approach to immigration and sanctuary cities is both divisive and detrimental to the unity and safety of our communities,” Wells stated. “As Attorney General, I will not attack localities for making decisions best suited for their unique circumstances. Immigration policy is fundamentally a federal issue, and I will provide the latitude for federal authorities to address these matters appropriately. If the federal government asks for our assistance, we will assist within our duties. However, we will not go looking to use our statutory authorities to meddle in local affairs.”

Wells is attending a panel discussion titled Immigration as a National Security Imperative: Enhancing National Security through Economic Growth, Strategic Competition, Human Rights, and Foreign Policy.” Wells emphasized the importance of viewing immigration policy through a broader, more comprehensive lens that includes economic and strategic considerations:

“The discussions I am part of today in DC underscore the potential for immigration policy to enhance our national security. By investing in economic growth, strategic competition, human rights, and foreign policy, we can create a more secure and prosperous nation,” Wells said.

“This is a complex issue requiring thoughtful, multi-faceted solutions rather than fear-mongering and punitive measures against our own communities.”

Wells reiterated her commitment to upholding the rule of law while also ensuring that Indiana’s local governments can operate in ways that reflect their values and needs. “We must find a balance that respects the rule of law, supports our federal partners, and honors the autonomy of our local communities,” she said. “Hoosier taxpayers deserve policies that are both just and effective, not political grandstanding that jeopardizes our unity and safety.”

As Attorney General, Wells pledges to work collaboratively with local, state, and federal authorities to develop fair and effective immigration policies that protect the rights and security of all Indiana residents. “We welcome immigrants who contribute to our communities and share our values,” Wells concluded. “By working together, we can build a stronger, more inclusive Indiana.”

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