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  • Dan Spehler

IN Focus: Destiny Wells discusses race for AG

December 3, 2023 Dan Spehler IN Focus

INDIANAPOLIS – Democratic candidate Destiny Wells appeared on this week’s edition of IN Focus to discuss the race for Indiana attorney general, the second statewide elected position she has sought in recent years.

Wells ran unsuccessfully for Secretary of State against Diego Morales last year, and is now seeking to challenge AG Todd Rokita in 2024.

Rokita recently faced a disciplinary investigation from the Indiana Supreme Court’s disciplinary commission and now faces additional scrutiny over comments he made after the initial probe.

Wells said the scrutiny would be a key focus in her campaign, but not her only focus.

In the video above, Wells discusses the race for AG and responds to criticism of her campaign from Indiana Republicans.

“We just had too much on the table,” said Wells. “I’m first and foremost an attorney, I’ve worked in the office, and everything about this race just called us to run again.”

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19 thg 12, 2023

Great "In Focus" interview! If you can get a transcript up it would be great, because you make some excellent points in the course of the interview.

One example is the fact that the current and previous GOP attorneys general have both been reprimanded by the Ind. Supreme Court, calling their integrity into question and undermining the focus of the AG office. Contrasting this pattern with your own unblemished record is very effective. Good luck!

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