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Today Destiny Wells announced she has outraised her embattled Republican opponent for the third consecutive quarter. In fact, Wells has outraised Diego Morales by $118,698.73 this year and by $48,545.91 in fourth quarter fundraising according to required reporting filed today with the Office of the Indiana Secretary of State. Wells has more cash on hand, reporting $59,847.10 more than Morales (and she has reported more in supplemental reports than Morales since the period closed).

The cascade of race-to-the-bottom revelations, capped off by a damning report of Morales’ alleged sexual misconduct, has created division and upheaval in the Indiana Republican Party, forcing GOP leadership to bail out Morales with in-kind contributions specifically designated to air advertising he’s refused to fund himself. Instead his expenditures have included a $43,845 campaign car, hotel rooms and restaurants—all exposing the need for improved campaign finance laws, which are the worst in the nation.

Wells has amassed more than 4,600 individual donations, averaging $161.20 per donation. She has 4,105 online donors with an average donation of $73.73.

“Indiana deserves no less than an open, transparent leader who’s ready, willing, and able to hit the ground running as their next Secretary of State.” Stated Destiny Wells.

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Note to Press: Wells’ 4Q report is available here. Text or email Lindsay for further inquiries at (812) 340-4242.


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