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Indiana Is a Purple State With a Turnout Problem

Indiana is 46th in the country in registered voter turnout. In 2020 when the stakes were existentially high, 1.6 million registered Indiana voters stayed home. Hoosiers must exercise agency in the democratic process by casting a vote, or

risk losing democracy all together

Please join our team so we can preserve our democratic elections.
This is a matter of national security.


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Growing up on a family farm in Morgan County, I learned the values that small-town Hoosiers hold dear: family, freedom, and opportunity. I am the daughter of eight generations of farmers, whose love for working the land has stayed true even through hardship.

After 9/11, I enlisted in the Army National Guard and deployed to Afghanistan in 2016-2017. I also became a lawyer and an entrepreneur. Presently, I'm an Army Reserve Lt. Colonel in Military Intelligence, an attorney, a wife, and a mother. I'm also your candidate for Secretary of State, so I can defend Democracy and freedom at home, as I did in the Service.

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