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  • Destiny Wells


Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Calls on opponent Diego Morales to join her in condemning racist, neo-fascist efforts to undermine America’s democracy

INDIANAPOLIS, IN.—Destiny Wells, candidate for Indiana Secretary of State, condemns the recent neo-fascist display in downtown Indianapolis which has led to outcry from Hoosiers across the state—in a display that again puts Indiana in the national spotlight during a historic election year, exposing efforts designed to systematically tear down America’s electoral system.

These racist displays are designed to intimidate Hoosiers by calling for an America that functions by way of a “white ethnostate in the United States” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“Hoosiers can count on me to show up every single time against white supremacy,” said Destiny Wells. “I cannot sit idly by and watch hateful, racists cosplayers walking down Indiana Main Streets calling for the destruction of our democracy—this is exactly why I’m on your ballot this year—to save Indiana’s democracy.”

National outlets have covered Indiana as one of the states that have election deniers on the ballot, seeking to degrade access to voting, tearing down early voting, and intensifying racism at the ballot box by calling for policies that will make it harder to vote.

“Diego Morales is an election denier—he himself claimed the 2020 Election was a 'scam,'" said Destiny Wells, the only pro-democracy candidate for Indiana Secretary of State. “If Morales wants to be serious with Hoosier voters he needs to leave the America First Secretary of State Coalition and condemn this racist display.”

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Notes to Press

Diego spent close to $44,000 of campaign funds on a brand new car, before he secured the Republican nomination for Secretary of State in June.

Link to release here.


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