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Today Destiny Wells announced the endorsement of her campaign by former Indiana Army National Guard Adjutant General, Marty Umbarger. At 19 years old, following the attacks on September 11th, Wells enlisted in the Army National Guard. Almost two decades later, Destiny continues to serve as a U.S. Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel.

“I can think of no higher honor than the endorsement of a leader like Marty Umbarger,” said Destiny Wells. “Marty welcomed me to a community that is committed to country first, and as the former Indiana Army National Guard Adjutant General through three different Governors—both Democrat and Republican—I hope to one day emulate his life’s service to our great State of Indiana.”

Umbarger lists Wells’ country-first leadership style as reasoning for his support:

“In Destiny, I see a candidate whose experience, integrity and determination make her best qualified for the job. Our state and our nation need more people like her.

I believe your vote reflects your values. That’s why I will support Destiny Wells in November and encourage my fellow Hoosiers to do the same.”

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