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  • Samantha Albert

Politicians say it’s time Indiana legalizes Medical Marijuana

Published: Mar. 5, 2022 at 11:43 PM EST

NAPPANEE, Ind. (WNDU) - Indiana may be getting closer to legalizing medical marijuana.

A ‘Jobs Tour’ event in Nappanee featured state leaders and political candidates, discussing important topics like the benefits of the recent American Rescue Plan Act and the Infrastructure Investment.

Another topic on the agenda - legalization of medical marijuana.

“So cannabis is being brought up on the jobs tour because if we legalize cannabis and decriminalize cannabis, we would actually bring economic development to the state of Indiana,” says Destiny Wells, a candidate for Indiana’s Secretary of State.

Politicians say that legalizing medical marijuana will mean more jobs for Hoosiers, and on the ‘Jobs Tour,’ they’re discussing why it’s important to legalize it.

“80% of the state, of Hoosiers, support medical cannabis, or adult use, and so, we really aren’t representing our districts well when we refuse to hear 13 bills that were filed this year on the topic,” says Maureen Bauer, 6th District Indiana State Representative.

Neighboring states have already legalized some form of cannabis, and politicians say Indiana is behind the times.

“Especially when Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois have some form of legal cannabis,” says Bauer.

Event speakers also tell us that legalizing medical marijuana will be a huge boost for the state’s economy.

“So our neighbors have done this, and they are making millions of dollars off the industry, they are bringing more jobs into their state, and we’re not,” says Wells.

Despite the benefits and the push at the state level, some say that legalization may not pass until it passes federally.

“There have been 37 other states that have done so including Mississippi, which has the same political structure that the state of Indiana has,” Bauer says, with both states having a Republican Governor, Republican House and Republican Senate.

“Indiana’s had multiple opportunities to legalize cannabis, and the people that watch WNDU, they have to drive an extra three or four miles and they can buy it legally, and then once they cross that magical state line, they’re breaking the law,” says Thomas McDermott, Mayor of Hammond, Indiana.

The meeting continues to spark conversation of medical cannabis in Indiana, and it’s potential to make millions of dollars for the state.


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