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  • Kirsten Adair

Republicans, Democrats kick off election year in Cass County

Pharos-Tribune | Kirsten Adair

Published Feb 28, 2022

People wait in line to cast their votes at the Cass County Seniors Center on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020 in Logansport. (Jonah Hinebaugh, Pharos-Tribune)

As election season gets underway, political parties in Cass County are hosting community events where candidates can speak to residents about their platforms, goals and beliefs.

Republicans kicked off election year with a Lincoln Day dinner on Feb. 19, while Democrats paraded their goals at The Jobs Tour on Feb. 26. Candidates for Congress and various state offices attended and spoke at both events.

Cass County’s Lincoln Day event was held at the Galveston Community Center. Officials attending included Indiana Secretary of State Holli Sullivan, U.S. Representative Jim Baird, Indiana Auditor of the State Tera Klutz and Congresswoman Jackie Walorski.

Baird led the invocation and Pledge of Allegiance before addressing constituents. Walorski, the keynote speaker and member of the Congressional House Ways and Means Committee, updated the audience on decisions being made in Washington, D.C., that will affect local residents.

Cass County Republican Chair David Richey said the event also focused on running positive campaigns and highlighting what candidates have to offer their communities.

“I reiterated to all candidates: Remain positive, tell me why I should vote for you, and don’t tell me why I shouldn’t vote for your opponent,” Richey said. “Tell me why you are qualified. As a voter, I get so tired of all the negative campaigning.”

Barrie McClain, secretary of the Cass County Republican Party, said the event drew a large crowd and was very informative for Cass County Republicans.

“It was a good introduction to the 2022 elections,” she said. “People can begin to be educated as to who is running.”

The Jobs Tour visited Amelio’s on the River in Logansport to speak to Cass County Democrats. It was attended by Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Mike Schmuhl, Senate Candidate Tom McDermott, Indiana Secretary of State Candidate Destiny Wells and Logansport City Council President Jake LeDonne.

Wells and McDermott spoke about decisions made by Democrats in Washington, D.C., that have been beneficial for Indiana residents, like the American Rescue Plan and The Jobs Act.

LeDonne said it was a great way to reenergize Democrats in Cass County.

“Getting the word out helps get people motivated,” he said. “I think it should get people fired up to want to elect people who are actually going to do good for them.”

McDermott said he hopes the tour served as a way to inspire Democrats in the county, especially since they are the minority party.

“Sometimes people feel like it’s impossible to win,” McDermott said. “I think Indiana Democrats have that feeling that Cubs fans had for a long time. My job is to give them confidence that we have a strong ticket and we could win in November 2022.”

Despite the competition and divide between political parties, Richey said Cass County Democrats and Republicans all share a feeling of pride in their community.

“Though we may differ on policies and politics and things of that nature, we understand Hoosier values,” Richey said. “We love our community, we want what’s best for our community, and we want to put our best foot forward for our community.”


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