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  • Destiny Wells


Updated: Sep 6, 2022



Good evening, fellow Hoosiers.

It is my honor and duty to provide Hoosiers with the following response to President Joe Biden’s remarks this evening on election security and threats to our democracy.

President Biden, along with a number of democracy watchdogs, have warned Americans of attempts to discredit the United States electoral system. Backed by disgraced former President Trump, these election deniers spend their time sowing fake news and instilling baseless fear in Americans about the electoral system, which is largely free from fraud. And that’s why I’m speaking to you tonight. In 40 days’ time, Hoosiers will begin to vote in Indiana under the careful oversight and direction of our dedicated county clerks and Indiana’s Chief Election Officer, the Secretary of State—an official which Hoosiers will choose on their ballots this year—and an office for which I am the only pro-democracy candidate.

Our electoral system has given Americans a safe, secure manner of expressing our constitutional right to vote. What’s more important? Nothing. And that’s why I’m running for Indiana Secretary of State. Hoosiers deserve better than a Trump-backed, shadowy coalition of election deniers poking around in Indiana elections, which are safe and secure.

My opponent has already called the 2020 Election a scam. My opponent is an election denier. My opponent has taken a pledge to support the “America First” Secretary of State Coalition—an extremist front group that the President referenced earlier tonight. That’s important enough to say again—the President is worried enough to speak, on prime time television—to all Americans about extremist threats to our elections system. And Diego Morales is responsible for the radical and extremist views that the President was talking about tonight. If Diego Morales is Indiana’s Secretary of State, say goodbye to early voting. Say goodbye to absentee voting for our senior citizens. Say goodbye to elections that are free and fair. Say goodbye to democracy as Hoosiers know it. There is no turning back from here. And every Hoosier must vote in this race if we’re going to preserve free and fair elections for our kids, and for our grandkids.

The President was right when he said—"for a long time, we’ve reassured ourselves that American democracy is guaranteed. But it is not. We have to defend it. Protect it. Stand up for it. Each and every one of us.” And that is why Hoosiers should choose me for Indiana Secretary of State.

Good night Hoosiers, and God Bless Indiana.

# # #

Notes to Press

“Diego Morales is an election denier—he himself claimed the 2020 Election was a “scam,” said Destiny Wells, the only pro-democracy candidate for Indiana Secretary of State. “Diego’s sudden affinity for basic democratic principles like voting is a shoddy attempt at damage control of his poor reputation—if he wants to be serious with Hoosier voters he needs to leave the America First Secretary of State Coalition.”

Other items of note regarding Diego Morales:

Diego spent close to $44,000 of campaign funds on a brand new car, before he secured the Republican nomination for Secretary of State in June.


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