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South Bend Tribune Letters: Voting

South Bend Tribune

July 24, 2022

My heart sank when I heard the news that the Supreme Court had overturned Roe v. Wade. As a physician, I believe there is no room for the government in the exam room. Only the patient and their doctor need to be involved in decisions regarding abortion.I was anti-abortion until my third year of medical school, when I delivered a baby born to a young girl who had just celebrated her 13th birthday. In November, I will vote for Paul Steury for U.S. Congress Indiana District 2. I will also vote for “The Women”: Zenai Brooks for state auditor, Destiny Wells for secretary of state, and Jessica McClellan for state treasurer.

“Vote Blue” is not enough. Voting in presidential elections only is not enough. We must vote for representatives that will listen to the will of the people, and the fact is that most Hoosiers and Americans believe abortion should be legal. We must elect progressives that will codify the right to abortion as an extension of our right to privacy and bodily autonomy. We must elect legislators that answer to us, the people, not corporate interests. We must tell them what we expect: full bodily autonomy and complete control of our reproductive destinies.As a pediatrician I believe that healthy, happy children start with their family’s unencumbered ability to decide if and when to have them. And you can bet on this: I will fight for any woman’s right to choose not to have an abortion, as fiercely as I will fight for another woman’s right to have one.

Noemi Adame



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