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At the Indiana Democratic State Convention, delegates from across our great state come together to shape the future of Indiana politics. This gathering is a pivotal moment where voices from every corner of Indiana converge to discuss and decide on key issues, nominate candidates for statewide office, and set the course for our party’s direction.

What Happens at the Convention?

  1. Nomination of Candidates: Delegates play a crucial role in nominating candidates for statewide offices; this year, delegates will vote on Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General. This process ensures that our party selects the most qualified individuals to represent Democratic values and principles.  

  2. Platform Development: Delegates debate and adopt the Indiana Democratic Party platform, outlining our positions on critical issues ranging from healthcare and education to environmental stewardship and economic justice. This platform reflects our commitment to progress and inclusivity.

  3.  Networking and Engagement: Beyond official proceedings, the convention provides an invaluable opportunity for delegates to network, share ideas, and build relationships with fellow Democrats from diverse backgrounds and regions. This camaraderie strengthens our party and fosters collaboration for future electoral successes.


When do I have to arrive? 
Delegates MUST check-in at registration to collect their credentials during the 7-9:30 am window. The credentialing line is usually quite long. It's best to plan on devoting an hour to parking and securing your credentials (Make sure to have your ID). 


Do I have to attend my district meeting? 

No, but it is encouraged to help you get the most out of your experience. Among other things, voting for National Delegates happens in these meetings.

I'm not in a caucus - what do I do during that time?

You can attend a meeting that you're curious about! 

What should I expect during the general session?

  • Candidates for the US Senate, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General will speak.

  • This year, there will be voting for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General.

  • Delegates will have to show their credentials and vote on the same machines as are used in a normal election.

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If you have questions call/text Kristen at 317.709.1228 or email

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